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Custom & Private Tours

Custom and Private Tours are a GeoFunTrek Tours specialty.  Tired of the usual offerings?  Got your own idea about what you want to see and do?  That’s great!  We may be interested in a change of scenery too.

Do you wish to turn your custom tour into a peronsal experience for you and your group?  We can arrange for that as well! GeoFunTrek Tours will provide exclusive tours for those who value private and intimate experiences.

These are some starting points for designing your personal Dream Tour.  We will work with you to combine and modify any existing tours; design new dream tours and take your ideas and desires and turn them into reality.  We have the skills, experience and know-how to make daylong tours, multi-day tours and multi-state tours come alive!  Use the following list of ideas to start the process, then give us your list and we will take it from there.

Custom & Private Tour Examples

The Central Black Hills Tour – the three most popular destinations.

See the three icons of the black Hills:  Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse and Custer State Park.

The Legendary Badlands of South Dakota – A Landscape Sculpted by Water and Time.

Experience this mystical land of legend and history.  See it by daylight or choose to stay for a stunning sunset and a night sky full of fantastic lights.

Custom Tour of the Black Hills & Badlands Region and Neighboring States

You decide, we provide.  You, the guest, choose where you want to go and we get you there and back while providing the insights, narration and other services needed to maximize your fun and understanding.

Black Hills Ghost Towns and Gold Mines Tour

See the sites and remains of a bygone era before it is gone forever.  Gold mining is what brought settlement to the region and the forces of nature are slowly erasing its remains from view. 

Black Hills History – Mining Towns & The People Who Live There

Experience the places where the daily lives of Black Hills pioneers were discussed and shared with their comrades and peers; explore local history through the lens of bar stools, shot glasses, old signs and photographs. 

Deadwood and the Northern Black Hills – The Wild, Wild West We Think We Know Tour

This is a tour to the place where legends are born.  Spoiler alert!  Some of your most cherished beliefs may be challenged on this tour.

Dinosaurs and Fossils – The Trail of Life and Geologic Time

This tour is a journey through time and the history of life on planet Earth.

Native Americans – Their History and Culture

This is a hands-on history tour that visit cultural and historic sites focused on Native Americans and their way of life.

Southern Black Hills – Horses, and Mammoths and Bison, Oh My!

This tour is for the animal lover who wishes to travel back in time to the Age of Mammoths as well as to the here and now of horses and bison all in a single day.

Rapid City and Hill City - Art Gallery and Winery Tour

This tour originated in Rapid City where local art galleries including Art Alley and Prairie Edge are sampled.  Then it is off to Hill City, SD for more galleries and one or more wine tasting

Rapid City – A Walking & Driving Tour.

Walk the downtown area and enjoy the art & shopping district while learning the history & folklore of the city originally named “Hay Camp”

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