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The Badlands - Sunbeams and Moonbeams

The Badlands are mysterious and inspiring by daylight and mystical by moonlight and starlight.  Now you can experience both in the same trip!  This journey starts at the The Museum of Geology at SDSM&T around midday and takes you through the Badlands the way most visitors see it - in broad daylight. 

We start with a scenic drive through the southern reaches past Cuny Table, Sheep Mountain Table and on the Sage Creek Rim Road.  Then it goes one better.  After dinner, (on your own in the town of Wall) we travel the fabled Badlands State Scenic Byway illuminated by the glory of the setting sun.

Then we retrace the Scenic Byway in the cool, moonlit splendor of the Full Moon or on the nights of the New Moon, the sky reveals a carpet of  stars not visible outside this darkened National Park.  The Badlands have never seemed so good!

This is a day long trip with pickup and drop-off times vary based on the changing seasons.  Please check times before booking tour.

Note: Tour dates, departure and return times will vary with the rhythms of the solar and lunar cycles.  Our reservation agency has the details.


The cost is $150 per person plus tax (2 person minimum) or as a Private Tour exclusive to your family or group. This price includes all entry fees and admissions, incidential snacks and beverages, but not meals. Larger groups and children under 16 years of age are eligible for substantial discounts.

This is a day long trip with pickup and drop-off times vary based on the changing seasons.  Please check times before booking tour.

I spent over 9 hours with John, traveling through the area, first in the daylight, and then back to see the sunset. It was an amazing experience. I fell in love with the area. John's expertise in geology and paleontology showed in how he was able to explain the formations and all that we were seeing. Not being even a novice in those fields, John was able to explain it me in 'laymen's' terms.

John was courteous, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to be with during the whole trip. I would recommend this company without any reservations. I have already told folks who were traveling in that direction to call them for an outstanding tour.

- Sue H., Pittsburgh, PA

Our Rides

Honda Pilot

Honda Pilot 4WD SUV

Our second touring vehicle is Honda Pilot 4WD SUV.  It is equipped with leather seats, sunroof and a great sound system. The vehicle was chosen primarily for its roominess, smooth & quiet ride, comfortable seats and large windows.

This is a great choice for private tours, families and small groups.

The Honda Pilot is excellent for extended journeys and multi-day trips to surrounding states.

Dodge Sprinter

The Dodge Sprinter is European-engineered and American-made.  It offers an unprecedented level of refinement and utility in a unique package.  With over 6 feet of interior height and comfortable seats, there is plenty of head and elbow room for everyone.  The large windows afford plenty of viewing space for the scenery and sights.

A maximum of 9 passengers keeps the tour lively yet intimate.  This vehicle is a joy to tour in.

Dodge Sprinter